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For those of you who don’t know the name “LED Screen Adv” is a digital billboard composed of LED panels so that it can display images and videos in it. LED Screen Adv was first developed by China and currently controls up to 80% in the world market. Then followed by Japan, America and others with relatively more expensive prices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using LED Screen Adv

If we compare LED Screen Adv with conventional billboards, the difference is very far. LED Screen Adv is able to display images that are moving or known as video.

LED Screen Adv is far more interesting than ordinary billboards which can only display 1 image in a long time. This makes people who often pass at the installation point become bored. In fact, they did not know that the pictures that were installed turned out to have changed because they were bored seeing 1 monotonous image. If you need to know about kiosk installation companies you can visit

LED Screen Adv is currently being used by advertising service users as a new and modern advertising medium. The use of LED Screen Advs at various points in major cities began to appear. And it turns out that the users of advertising services prefer LED Screen Adv because it has advantages and perceived benefits, namely:

  • Can display videos so that they are more effective and attractive in advertising a product.
  • Can rent LED Screen Advs for several companies as their advertising media even if only one LED Screen Adv board.
  • More income is obtained compared to billboards. At present the price of advertisements in LED Screen Adv media is still relatively expensive when compared to billboards.
  • Able to improve Brand Awardness or Brand Image of products advertised because they are more targeted.
  • It is beneficial for those who advertise and provide a lot of turnover because advertising is more interesting than “Eye Catching” compared to billboards. Moving and not monotonous image.
  • It is widely used by local governments as a means of delivering Public Service programs and is also widely developed in tourist areas.
  • The construction of a sturdy billboard can be replaced with LED Screen Adv, thereby reducing the cost of making construction.

While the disadvantages of LED Screen Adv are only slightly compared to the advantages that we can feel, including:

  • Requires electricity consumption to turn it on for 24/7 operation. Requires a permission that is quite complicated to install LED Screen Adv, but can be processed.
  • The price offered for advertisers is more expensive so that on average only large companies are able to advertise in LED Screen Adv media, while smaller companies prefer conventional advertising media.
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