Buying Your First Games Console Online

Games consoles these days are awesome. Do you remember your first video game? Remember how exciting it was? Compare that to what youngsters these days are exposed to.

The video game market is worth billions and is growing every year.

If you are in the market for your first console, then you’ve got an exciting time ahead of you.

You may be wondering where the best place to buy your console is.

You may even be unsure as to which console you want or need.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer and where the best places to buy online actually are.

You should for the latest reviews before making any console purchase.

The Big Players

In terms of volume of users, there are two big obvious players in the market today.

Xbox, owned by Microsoft and Playstation, owned by Sony.

Microsoft’s Xbox has been through many incarnations before it’s most recent re-invention in the Xbox X and S series.

Sony’s Playstation is currently flagshipped by the recently introduced PS5.

Both of these platforms run the software necessary to play games, and crucially both can play a central role in an audio visual home setup. Each can play DVDs and connect to the internet to play streaming services such as Netflix and Hula. Although their product emphasis and branding is subtly changing, the traditional competitor to Xbox in the market is currently the Sony Playstation.

Although both machines can perform other tasks, undoubtedly they are used in most  homes purely as a games console.

Where To Purchase

Where you purchase each of these products is going to a matter of personal choice.

Prices change on a daily basis as different sellers offer differing deals with each of the consoles.

Make sure you check the latest online shop reviews so that you can make the most of the offers that come up from time to time.

Your choice may also be dictated by the region in which you live.

It is easy to forget if you don’t live in the US that Amazon Prime may not be an option. Although, in the UK, if you order through Amazon you should be able to have your console the next day.

Consider Purchasing Locally

If you have a local gaming shop or computer store, then you should consider purchasing there instead.

Even though the price may be a little higher, you will be sure to get better customer service, and you may be able to bundle some games or other equipment in with your purchase.

This could well make the deal a lot sweet in the long run.

Consider Purchasing Second Hand

If you don’t want or need the very latest bleeding edge technology, then you could think about buying a second hand console from a previous generation. The PS4 for instance has just been replaced with its 5th generation brother, but it is still a very serviceable console with many games that will now be available for abargain price in online auctions.