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Netflix is one of the popular services that you can use to stream videos. It has around 140 million subscribers from different parts of the world. You may use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone to watch content all day. You can also enjoy Netflix on your TV in the comfort of your home. So, if you want the video stream service to serve you better, make sure you review subscriptions of different providers like C More Company. You can compare the reviews at Norske Anmeldelser to choose the best option. Once you subscribe, consider the following tips to make Netflix serve you properly. 

1. The Problem Could Not Be Netflix; It Might Be You

With the matters of the heart, it’s simple to blame someone or everything that’s around you. At least for now, you shouldn’t blame the streaming service because the problem could be originating from your side. Netflix has recently come up with a speed checker. You can use it to pick up the upload and ping rate for your stream service. But if the speed fails to work as promised by the company, then the customer service owes you an explanation and solution. 

2. Get to Know What’s Blocking the Bandwidth

Although you have the obligation of understanding the speed of your service, it’s important to troubleshoot the problem when the speed is low. If you have connected ten devices, it would be best to grant your router at least a few minutes or hours to breathe a bit. In case you’re using your laptop to stream Netflix, ensure you disconnect your gaming system from the router for a moment. 

3. Upgrade Your Machines or Electronics

Probably the problem is not with the buffering process. The root of the issue could be originating from your devices by not providing you quality content that you want. But it’s imperative to note that some gears have the limitation of getting resolution caps. For instance, if you have Apple TV or Xbox One, you will have a resolution cap of 1080. 

4. Reduce the Baggage

If the problem keeps on persisting even after disconnecting various gadgets from the router, it would be wise to look closely at the inner part. Go straight to your browsers to check if there are unused tabs. Funny clips on Facebook and articles you were reading can wait. In addition to that, ensure you check the extensions of your browsers. They can drain the speed of streaming content on Netflix. Apps such as ad-blockers can act as a hindrance for you to enjoy videos. 

5. Go Through All The Options Provided By Netflix

You can consider streaming high-quality videos if you have a backup. But if you don’t have a strong backup, you may opt for other options that may suit your needs. Some of the options that Netflix will recommend include 5 Mbps, 25 Mbps, and 3 Mbps. You may get these options at the playback settings of your account. 

Final Touches

Netflix is tucked with all sorts of original content, movies, and TV shows. You can enjoy all these at a reasonable cost. But if you’re experiencing low speed on your end, you can consider various ways such as choosing a suitable option from Netflix, offloading your router, and closing down unused tabs. If the problem keeps on popping up, contact their customer service for help.

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